Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the most important city in the Western part of the island and is the capital of the West Flores District (Manggarai Barat). It is the starting point for excursions to the Komodo National Park, famous for its giant lizards, to some of the world’s best dive sites, to a fascinating island world and unspoiled nature. The laid back fishing village of former times is developing slowly but surely, adding the infrastructure necessary for tourism. The atmosphere reminds Indonesia- lovers of Bali some twenty years ago.

These days Labuan Bajo is estimated to hold a population of around 10.000 people. Since it has become the capital of the District of West Flores (Manggarai Barat) Labuan Bajo has become a busy and constantly growing place. With its various tourism attractions it has grown into the centre of tourism for the entire island.

Service has improved compared with former times. An ATM serves credit card users, the BNI bank is changing money. The internet connection in general has improved and wireless connections are available in a couple of places.

The dive services are dominant in the harbour area of Labuan Bajo, surrounded by local and western oriented restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood. The town map will help you to find your way around.

The supermarkets serve more than basic needs, so the Western traveler doesn’t have to miss a thing.

Villa Seirama Alam is situated above the bay of Labuan Bajo. The harbour, restaurants and shops are within walking distance (appr. 15 min). Also allow 15 min for the transfer to and from Komodo Airport.

Besides the local bemo (minibus), motorbike taxis have become quite common in Labuan Bajo. For Rp. 3.000 they take you from A to B. Transport to the airport might be more.


If Labuan Bajo itself is a great place to explore, with wonderful nature both on land and at sea, the villa sure ...
(Isabelle and Eric)

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